Becoming a Thriving Catholic with Jessica Castillo

Jun 29, 2023

The goal is not perfection. The goal is resilience.

Jessica Castillo

Desperate for Change

In today’s episode, Beth is interviewing Jessica Castillo, a Catholic personal development and health coach, and the host of the podcast, “A Thriving Catholic.” Her mission is to help Catholic women thrive in every aspect of their lives, body, mind, and soul, so that they have the energy, the strength, and the focus to do the important work that God has created them to do. In this episode, Beth and Jessica are discussing the connection between physical and spiritual health, and how better health leads to increased capacity for mission. 

Jessica begins by describing her childhood pursuit of health in a stressful home environment, creating an exercise routine with the help of water bottles and library books, and teaching herself to pray, inspired by movies and a Gideon Bible. A difficult diagnosis for her mother, a combat deployment to Iraq, and dating her Catholic husband ultimately led her to RCIA and Catholicism. Jessica began making connections between food, exercise, and prayer, and how vital all three were to showing up as her best possible self. Finally, she shares her journey into motherhood, and how a bout with depression brought her into a deeper understanding of who she is and what she needs to thrive. 

Listen as Beth and Jessica discuss how to find meaning in life, and the importance of intentional, holy routines. They also discuss the mission God has in store for each one of us, and how it does not include fitting into a preconceived mold. They challenge us all to see food and exercise as choices totally within our control, and encourage us to simply decide on a plan and then act: don’t stay in decision-mode. Finally, in light of the upcoming Fourth of July and Jessica’s military background, they discuss the virtue of patriotism, and invite all of us to fast and pray for freedom.

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