And for Dessert . . .

Sep 21, 2023

Our mission is to go to Heaven and take as many people with us as possible.

Sr. Dede

Altar for Mass with sacred vessels

On this special episode of the Delay and Pray Podcast, Beth is sharing the ‘dessert’ and grand finale of her recent Hungry for God Virtual Dinner Party: an interview with four women who have participated in her Delay and Pray Group Coaching Program. Jackie Copeland, Jenay Franco, Nikki D’Souza and Stefanie Moss are here to share their stories about the miracles that have occurred in their weight loss, their health and fitness, and their relationships, since they began this spiritual fasting journey.

From the theology and science behind metabolic flexibility to the importance of coaching and community, Beth has crafted a program that is guaranteed to propel you on your journey to permanent weight loss and life-changing miracles. If you want to experience the transformation that these ladies have achieved in their lives, join Beth’s Delay and Pray program! The course begins on October 2nd, and doors open on Sept. 25th! The last course was sold out, so don’t delay – get in here and change your life!

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