Almsgiving as Time, Talent, and Treasure

Mar 9, 2023

“almsgiving is a form of charity that helps us to get out of ourselves and give to others in creative and generous ways.

beth bubik


Rosary next to almsgiving basket

In today’s episode, Beth is talking about the last and least considered pillar of Lent: Almsgiving. The biggest takeaway? This isn’t just about money. It’s about self-gift: serving others with your wealth, your time, and your God-given talents.

Throughout this episode, Beth offers examples of unique ways to incorporate this pillar of Lent into your life. In one story, an ink cartridge becomes a chance to encounter the Lord through financial almsgiving. She also shares a beautiful memory of her father, who taught her the true meaning of almsgiving through his words and actions toward her grandfather. Even silently entering into a friend’s pain can be a form of almsgiving. 

This Lent, Beth is inviting you to allow yourself to be a gift to others. Don’t just write God a check and call it good. See how He might be calling you to give creatively with your time and your talents as well. And remember: He is the God who multiplies loaves and fishes. Whatever you give, He’ll give back more.

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