81 Years Young with Beverly

Jul 11, 2024

“Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

– Matthew 19:26

Woman with outstretched arms on a mountain peak facing snow covered mountaintops and clouds.

The Lord gives us exactly what we need – just enough to fuel our dreams and keep trusting Him for more, no matter what our age. He always provides.

I’ve also learned that age is not limiting – it’s filled with wisdom and a unique work of its own. It’s freeing, actually. My client, Beverly, has taught me a lot about this.

If you’ve ever felt that you are too old to begin learning how to spiritually fast, consider that it is just a thought and one that is not true.

This episode is an interview with one of my star clients, Dr. Beverly McMillan who has been through the Delay and Pray™ group coaching program and in the Keep Fasting Alumni community since January 2023. She is 81 years young and has lost over 20 lbs since beginning the program.

Losing this weight has been helpful to her knees as she prepares to hike the Camino de Santiago this Fall with her three sons.

Beverly shares her faith journey with us, including her reversion back to the Catholic Church. The Lord touched her heart, causing her to become active in Pro-Life Mississippi, where she is still active today. You won’t want to miss her story.

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