50 Pounds Down with Book Coach Nika Maples

May 2, 2024

“Food is not my motivation. I don’t need food in order to do something hard and food is not my celebration. I don’t need food to acknowledge that I have done something hard. “

– Nika Maples

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I want to introduce you to my book coach, Nika Maples who not only helped me write and publish my first book, but also went through my course and group coaching experience, Delay and Pray™, and got phenomenal results!

She has lost 50 pounds since starting the Delay and Pray™ program last July. She has an incredible and inspiring story and has busted a few myths throughout her life. Today’s podcast episode is an interview with her, and I am certain you will relate to her thoughts about sugar and losing weight at her age.

Nika is not Catholic, but as a Protestant, she is on fire for God, and we share similar values and love for Jesus. We discuss the power of perseverance amid challenges, when it comes to writing a book and losing weight, or any other project you may have, and how we can do hard things through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We share our collaboration experiences, and how, even as coaches, we need coaching in other areas of our lives that are not our areas of expertise. Together, we explore themes of obedience, trust in God’s providence, and the commitment and dedication required for successful coaching and achieving our goals for the glory of God.

I encourage you to listen to this episode if you have thoughts or questions like:

  • What results can I get from the Delay and Pray™ Group Coaching Experience?
  • Why do I need coaching to lose weight, grow closer to God, or achieve a goal?
  • Do I need to be Catholic to go through the Delay and Pray™ program and get results?

One of the powerful breakthroughs that Nika had during the course was:

Food is not my celebration, and food is not my motivation.

She explains what she means in the interview. If you would like results similar to Nika and my other clients, doors to the Delay and Pray™ Group Coaching Experience open on Monday, May 6. 

The next cohort of the Delay and Pray™ Group Coaching Experience begins on Monday, May 13 – the Feast Day of Our Lady of Fatima. Join the waitlist now to learn more. 

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