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My name is Beth Bubik and I help Catholics learn how to spiritually and physically fast to lose weight permanently while exploding their prayer lives and helping others closest to their hearts.



Experience glorious transformation inside and out by learning to fast off food and feast on life!

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Fast Off Food

Spiritually fasting off food and alcohol for a time is key to living out the dreams that God has drawn upon your heart. How does this work?

When we learn to take full responsibility for our emotions and feel them instead of eating. It is in this space that we can develop the skill of delayed gratification and fasting with Heaven as our ultimate goal.

Spiritually Fasting will help you:

  • Lose weight permanently while praying and helping your family and friends.
  • Learn how to joyfully eat small, fast big, and feast occasionally right along with the Church seasons by becoming metabolically flexible, spiritually fit, and controlling your emotions.
  • Learn how immersing yourself in the Sacraments and Scripture can lessen your desire for food and alcohol.
  • Gain mental, physical, and spiritual strength using proven methods.
  • Set big goals and achieve them.
  • Bring Advent and Lent alive in your life.
  • Live the authentic Catholic life you were meant to live.
  • Experience the blessings that our Catholic Church has to offer you right here, right now.

client thoughts


“This was an excellent program to improve my prayer life with an added benefit of improved health of mind and body. Prayer with added fasting was so beneficial to have my prayers answered.”

- Carolyn H.

“Thank you for presenting a wonderful program designed for weight loss and spiritual growth, and for coaching and motivating me to reach my goals in both of these areas.”

- Julie M.

“The benefits of coaching with Beth included a better understanding of the spiritual graces of fasting, and the physical aspects, too, especially at the beginning when I would think this isn’t working for me.”

- Judy D.

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journal entries

seeking relief from the leprosy of weight loss

seeking relief from the leprosy of weight loss

A few Sundays ago, we heard the Gospel all about leprosy. 2 Kings, Chapter 5 What is God trying to teach us with this Bible verse? Is the leprosy in our lives the weight loss that we desire? In this Gospel, we first learn

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believing is key and then doing the work

believing is key and then doing the work

Last week I learned that I didn’t progress to the next round of the OSV Challenge where I would have entered the Catholic Shark Tank of investors for my business. Nine Catholic businesses progressed out of 1300

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the why that makes me cry

the why that makes me cry

What motivates you to stay on task when the going gets rough? I like to make really deep goals that keep me thinking of other people and how I can best serve them. This spiritual…

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